Getting Started with Online Blackjack

Online casinos give players an impressive selection of game to choose from, and blackjack is one of them. The table game has been in existence for centuries and it offers players lots of fun. In this article, we present to you important information you need to know about the game. Visit for top blackjack online casinos.


Playing Online Blackjack

Online blackjack comes with several benefits to players. First, it offers comfort since you don't need to visit a land-based casino before you can play the game. Apart from that, online blackjack can be played on tablets and smartphones. In blackjack, you play against the dealer. The objective is to have a better hand than the dealer.

Before you can beat the dealer, you must have cards whose summed up value is more than the dealer. At the same time, the sum of the card values must not be more than 21, otherwise, it becomes a burst and you lose the game. If the value of your cards is 21, you have a blackjack.

  • Online blackjack can be played on desktop, smartphone and table.
  • Blackjack is played using cards.
  • The goal is to beat the dealer's hand by having higher value cards less than 22.

When you load online blackjack and place your bet, the dealer will deal you two cards. After that, you can take a few actions such as Stand, Split, Hit or Double Down. Some variation of online blackjack allows players to take insurance. We will explain the meaning of these player actions in the next section.

Online Blackjack Player Actions

Hit option is used when you need an extra card. If you don't want any additional cards, you can use the Stand option. The Double Down option allows you to double the initial bet you placed. If you have a pair as initial cards, the Split option can be used to split them into two hands.

Features of Online Blackjack

There are several features that make online blackjack standout. You can check the game rules as well as the payout information in the game. Most blackjack variation also has a dynamic billboard that shows recent winning statistics of the game. This can be very useful if you want to use a blackjack strategy.

Understanding the Values of Online Blackjack Cards

As mentioned earlier, blackjack is played with cards. All cards apart from the face cards have a value which is the same as their number. This means that card 5 has a value of 5. Face cards - J, Q, and K have a value of 10 each. The value of an Ace, however, can be either 1 or 11.

  • Your total card value in blackjack must not exceed 21 otherwise you lose.
  • The value of each card depends on the number of the cards, except for face cards and Ace.

How to Choose the Best Online Blackjack Game

When choosing an online blackjack to play, you need to consider a few factors. You need to check the RTP and House Edge of the game. A high RTP blackjack game means that players can expect to win more in the game. Additionally, you should check the betting range of the game to see if it suits your preference

Choosing the Right Online Blackjack Casino

To enjoy a premium gaming experience playing blackjack online, you need to make sure you are playing at a top casino. We suggest that you check through the casino lobby to know what variation of blackjack is available. Additionally, check the bonus and promotions page to know if the casino offer bonuses for blackjack.