Are Online Casinos Rigged?

One major concern that many players have when they walk decide to sign up at a casino is whether they can trust the establishment. They are always wondering if the casino operates in an honest and transparent manner. One thing for sure is that that the casino will always get its take. This article seeks to give a good overview of what to expect when you sign up at your online casino. The article will also review a number of security regulations that have been designed to make you safer. Read more at onlinecasino-southafrica .


Casinos are businesses

Before delving deeper into this topic, there are a number of things need to explore. Firstly, you may need to understand that online casinos are businesses that need to make profits in order to stay afloat. They ultimately need to make some profit while ensuring that their customers get satisfied and come back for more. They, therefore, achieve this by allowing their customers to feel safe and more guarded. Since they also have to make profits, not every player can, therefore, win every game. Click to read more.

Consequently, there have been suspicions that games at casinos are rigged. Numerous theories have been brought forward in the same regard. Some popular theories include bad beats, manipulating wins to keep people playing for long and many more. While there is always an accusation that games are set in a way that that players never win, one thing for sure is that casinos must have an edge, or simply be kicked out of business. A house edge, however, isn’t an indication that a game is rigged.

Security and Preventing Rigged Games

Firstly, any online casino that is traded publicly undergoes very tremendous scrutiny. Such casinos are regularly audited by relevant government authorities and 3rd parties in order to ensure that all their online casino games are fair and reach the minimum required thresholds of transparency. Indeed, the authorities are always in the bid to ensure that each casino’s random generators are indeed random. For a casino to be ranked as "Whitelisted", you can be sure that it has passed the test of time and can be trusted.

Notably, there are some other casinos that are blacklisted. These are casinos that have a history of scamming players via unjust means such as skewed random generators. Always steer away from such casinos. Indeed, there are a number of online websites that are always auditing casinos and listing those that can be trusted. One such website is known as There are certainly many others including the regulatory agencies that will assist you to know real casinos and those that you should not touch by all means.

Ensuring Fairness and Randomness

It's noteworthy that any casino worth its salt uses pseudorandom number generators. These generators are even far much better than when a live dealer is swapping cards in a land-based casino. With these generators, you can always be sure of honest and transparent dealing. Indeed, poker experts are of the opinion that bad beats are just a matter of perception. Other experienced players say that due to the random nature of online deals, it's more realistic and safe to gamble online as compared to land-based casinos.

Despite the high levels of security offered, the PRNGs are supposed to be tested consistently in order to ensure that no behaviour in the game can create a trend that is easily noticeable by the player. These PRNGs work in such a way that their final output can only be determined by the original algorithm. For this reason, software providers are required to use the latest technologies always when designing them. This is always meant to keep the original design/ algorithm a well-guarded secret in the interest of the prosperity of iGaming.

Wrapping it Up

With all the insights offered here, you can be sure to trust that online gaming is legit and is pretty hard to rig. Indeed, you also may need to understand that any publicly traded casino remains the safest haven for players since it is audited from time to time. With the insights here, you also know what casinos to avoid. No one wants to get scammed after all! Keep safe, be watchful and ensure to always conduct due diligence before settling for an online casino. Best wishes in your Gaming!